• Enable the underprivileged to release their human potentials and thereby achieve sustainable use of locally managed resource base and evolve a ‘user friendly’ service delivery system
  • To partner the developmental efforts of the weaker and vulnerable sections towards wholistic improvement of their very being in society.
  • More specifically SPEECH aim at
  • Facilitate self-actualisation among agri-labourers, small and marginal farmers, women in general and children below 16 through partnership and federating them towards building grassroots organisation and interest groups;
  • Building adequate awareness on all forms of exploitative and suppressive forces and enhance faith in democratic principles of ‘Good Governance”;
  • Revival of indigenous traditional knowledge and practices in various sectors including health and agriculture to conserve nature and sustain the treasure run through the next generation
  • Protection of child rights in line with the UN CRC, to enable children to enjoy their childhood;
  • Conducting action research activities to feed back field realities and viable approaches into the policy processes
  • Capacity building of various development actors and stakeholders at all levels by convening and facilitating training activities aimed at efficient service delivery. 

Currently, SPEECH operates in Madurai, Dindugul and Virudunagar Districts of Tamilnadu in response to specific developmental issues that is prevalent in the area. There is a team of, about 75 full-time professionals and long track development workers who tirelessly work to achieve the organisational objectives. SPEECH also has a committed full time training and documentation centres at Madurai and Kodaikanal,  which serve as resource, laboratory and nerve centre in all its operation.

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