Key thrust areas

Key thrust areas and programmes of SPEECH include…

  • Gender equity and Women development
  • Child rights protection and rehabilitation of working children
  • Self-help groups and Mutual security chain for women
  • Advocacy and lobbying on common property resource management
  • Natural resource management and food security
  •  AIDS awareness and vulnerable group protection and mainstreaming
  • Participatory research and documentation
  • Coral reef and livelihood dependency of low income fishing communities
  • Water rights, networking and linking of rivers in the southern basin
  • Native Tribes of Kodaikanal and their rights over forest produce, literacy and medicinal plants
  • Capacity building of fellow NGOs/CBOs in technical, methodological, managerial and conceptual clarity for best results and solidarity.
  • Strengthening of good governance and democratic principles at the Gram Saba as well with the panchayat Raj elected forums.

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