By making all the beneficiaries of the scheme to participate in the medical checkup,  the intervention aims to make the parents of the children show interest in the health of the children and to guide them to a healthy life.

Under the preventive measure scheme two medical check up camp are being conducted every year.   The complete medical information report will be given to the CRPC committee by SPEECH. This committee will hand over the copy of the report to the respective children’s parents and take their children to the medical practitioners.

The medical practitioners will examine the weight, height, heart, teeth and eyes of the children and find whether there are adequate growth for the child. The give the medicines and give proper advice to the parents regarding the health of the children.   If they find any children require special treatment they will recommend to Specialized hospital for further treatment with permission of their parents and under the guidance of the CRPC committee.

To follow up the children who need contnious treatment, a nurse is being sent by SPEECH  to those children once in a month and provide good advices.

They visit the children who are getting medical aid once in every three months at their house itself and if they require further treatment they treat them accordingly. In this way there are 30 children who getting the aid under the continuous treatment scheme.

Smt.Murugeswari of Kandankulam village while describing about the tragic incident that happened to her child Kanishka said that her child while on vacation went to her elder sisters house at Srivilliputhur was playing  with a doll in the upstairs.   She while catching the doll which she dropped from the upstairs fell down from the upstairs which had no parapet wall and has broken her ankle. The child was admitted in a private hospital where she had undergone surgery and a steel plate was fixed.  She was advised to keep her arm not moving for one month..   After one month the steel plates were removed by surgery. All these treatments cost Rs.20000/-

While she was startled with despair from the choking burden of the loan already availed by her for the treatment, SPEECH  which was conducting children’s development programme at her village came for the help and which she remember with thankful heart.

A child named Malathi belonging to T.Kariselkulam is growing at her grandmother house and she explains the pathetic event happened to the child.    Malathi is now 14 years old and she lost her father and mother last year one after the other and is left to the care of her grand mother.    One day she becomes sick and both her ankles and legs swelled and found it very difficult to walk.   Immediately she was taken to a nearest medical practitioner who gave some medicines.   She got cured a little but once again her ankles and legs started to swelled.   This happened frequently and was taken to different doctors for treatment but in vain.   Finally through the self help group she approached SPEECH and they gave a alternative idea to approach a Ayurvedic doctor and under his advice she took the medicines prepared by the doctor.    Now she got fully cured and is attending school regularly.

Special Medical Support

Nutrimix Supply
Balance Diet (Nutrition)

In all the villages where SPEECH has interventions the beneficiary children should lead a life of health and hygienic and introduction of nutritional food to those with inadequate nutrition so as to ensure the growth right of the children.

All the children who are getting assistance undergo medical check twice a year. At that time it was observed that most of the children were anemic. Immediately they were supplied appropriate nutritional tablets. Then during house visit the parents were advised to give nutritious diet to the children.  When we found that it is not feasible for most of the families, we prepared and provided nutritious diet made from the locally and easily available cereals in the village for 3 days in the village health centres.

We coordinated the women of Tiruchuli area federation and gave them training to prepare the nutritious diet and they show our interest in the development of the children and prepare and supply hygienic food.   This nutritious food is available only for the children who get the aid where as the other children will not get such a diet.   So we coordinated the self help groups in the village and gave them training to prepare the nutritious diet economically.  As a result of this, anemia is avoided to the children of the village and is able to get the balance diet. Children attend school with good health and hygiene.

In the latest medical check up it was found that the children are free from anemia and are healthy.  We have found form our experience that this nutritious food gives the required nutrition for the children and protect them from diseases.

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