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SPEECH is a secular, non-profit development organisation established in 1987, primarily to strengthen Human concerns with Society at large to address issues that hinder growth process. Strengthening grassroots democracy and Good Governance by facilitating participation and promoting self-sustainable development of the vulnerable sections of the rural Tamilnadu are the prime visions of SPEECH.

As development organisation, SPEECH commits itself to releasing human potentials of the weaker sections through conduct of a wide range of activities by the communities themselves.  Our approach is highly development issue based rather than the set biases that emerge out of caste, religion, linguistic or community identities.  The approach also emphasises the fact that liberation of human potentials cannot be confined to a ‘bottom-up’ one way process, but initiate a two-way process of transformation at the top to accommodate the need base of the bottom line and the bottom contribute their best to strengthen the democratic principles.



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